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Bondi, since 1991 Artisan Pasta Makers.


Our Story

Present in the market since 1991, we are an artisan company that produces fresh pasta following the unmistakable Emiliano Romagnole traditions.

Born out of the will of our founder, Giuseppe BONDI, we followed his plan, staying true to his entrepreneurial vision of never wanting to industrialize the bounty of our territory.

Every day, dedication, passion and selected high quality ingredients are the goal and ambition to bring to your tables, the most beloved pasta dishes of Italians. The freshness of the raw materials and the guarantees demonstrated over time have allowed us to be innovative without ever forgetting that we are and want to remain, Artisan Pasta Makers.


The Quality handmade

Our production offers fresh egg and non-egg pasta, stuffed, plain, whole-wheat, colored and also in special and special formats. Over time, our small workshop has become a more structured reality, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology that has enabled us to be able to serve not only the restaurant and retail industries, but also large retailers, becoming for many of them a quality reference in their sector.

A key role in ensuring that we did not lose the characteristic craftsmanship of the final product was the training of specialized personnel who, to this day, maintain an active role in the preparation of each BONDI pasta format.

We also have, still operational since our inception, a staff of sfogline (pasta makers) who daily produce by hand, a variety of pasta shapes, from traditional to the most sought-after, exactly as you would make them on your cutting board at home.

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